• Acro Wide and Narrow
  • Acro Wide and Narrow
  • Acro Wide and Narrow

Acro Wide and Narrow


The Acro is an aggressively down-cambered shoe designed for steep sport climbing and bouldering. The combination of soft synthetic and natural leather in the upper construction allows for even greater performance and a surprisingly comfortable fit. 

The high-tensioned heel rand brings all the power to the front toe for superior edging. Butora's signature triple fork hook and loop strap provides the convenience of a slipper with the extra security and custom fit of a lace-up shoe. The large sticky rubber toe patch allows for secure toe hooking in even the most technical situations.

Narrow (Blue) Version - 

This product is now available in the Canada.  This is the narrow option for our Acro Model shoe originally introduced last year. If you have a wide foot, we have designed the white/orange model for you, but if you have a narrow foot or are looking for that super tight feel, then this is the option for you.

This shoe fits true to your street shoe for steep sport climbing. Size a 1/2 size down from your street shoe for bouldering.